A new mixed-use project, with a size and built-up area of 180,000 and 212,800 square meters, respectively, Stone Street features a series of three-story office buildings, serviced apartments, huge retail spaces, a flagship department store, fine dining, 16 cinemas, leisure activities, medical buildings, and a five-star hotel.
The project is poised to boast the Middle East’s longest commercial promenade, which runs for two kilometers long to link all on-site components together and ends with a five-star hotel. Throughout the promenade, there are 12 piazzas, with each having a different theme.
Master-planned by the renowned London-based PHASE3 architects, with the collaboration of Ökoplan, Gross Max, Shaker, Illumination Works, Space Agency, and ElGhoneimi Architects, Stone Street will comprise a river strip that runs along one edge of the promenade, framing a panoramic view of New Cairo, amidst an all-embracing retail front extending on the other side.
Complemented with 5,500-car parking spaces, the newest addition aims to redefine the office spaces concept in Egypt with its 10 X-shaped office buildings, lined up along the project’s main access. It is being developed in a strategic location, right off the Ring Road at the entrance of New Cairo, the statement noted